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Tasking Made Simple

fmfirst® Tasking has been designed to offer organisations a cost-effective, stand-alone task management solution that helps you to better collate and analyse data. By doing so, resources can be allocated better, the life-cycle of assets can be extended and overall costs can be reduced.

Although built originally to support NHS clients, the software can be used by other FM service providers as an easy-to-use digital task management tool for managing both internal and external tasking requirements.

fmfirst® Tasking can be fully integrated with the other applications from our fmfirst® product suite, allowing you to build your own facilities management toolkit. It can also be integrated with other third-party systems.

Benefits of fmfirst® Tasking

This cloud-based task management software provides organisations with a multi-discipline, simplified platform for the creation of defect and planned work. It also offers the following:

  • The ability to manage tasks digitally

  • Users can track and update jobs when out in the field

  • Simple creation of jobs based on task definable fields

  • PPM functionality

  • Manage defect, reactive and pro-active maintenance

  • Easy to use platform with drag and drop capability

  • Provides full audit trails

“The fmfirst® Estates application enables us to keep up to date with any changes in facilities management requirements, so we know we are always compliant with the latest industry standards.”

Simply Serve Ltd

“fmfirst® Estates provides us with clear task progress visibility with improved communications using one single, centralised task management system.”

Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board

“The associated documents tab in fmfirst® Estates is invaluable in collating all the documents in the one place for contract management and the dashboards allow us to quickly and easily access performance data. It also allows us to look up our records with ease.”

The State Hospital

“The reporting system on fmfirst® Estates is very good; it allows us to generate more accurate KPI analysis than we previously could for higher management.” 

East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

“Professional and supportive team. They are always patient and willing to provide clean, concise information and guidance on request.”

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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