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Modern Slavery Statement


This statement sets out the steps that Asckey Data Services Limited (Asckey) will take to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and to show its dedication to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not found in its supply chain or any other part of the business.


Asckey recognises the reality of modern slavery and this statement highlights the steps it will take to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Despite falling below the legal requirements of the Act with regards to financial turnover, Asckey believes it is our duty to address our position on such a cruel issue.

Our Business

Asckey is a limited company as defined by the Companies Act 2006. Our services include the design, development and support of professional bespoke software solutions; the provision of hosting services; the hosting of websites and applications; the supply, support and sale of associated packages and provision of training.

We operate in accordance with our company values of quality, professionalism and integrity. No form of modern slavery is acceptable in our operations.


Below identifies how Asckey demonstrates commitment to supporting the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

• Our Employee Handbook, which all staff sign to confirm their acceptance, includes policies supporting concerns covered by the Act, these include:
     o Anti-bribery policy
     o Whistleblowing policy
     o Personal harassment policy and procedure
     o Equality, inclusion and diversity policy
• Ensuring practices for checking all employees are paid at least the minimum wage and have the right to work.
• Appointing an individual who will be responsible for ensuring the company is compliant with this procedure.
• Identifying and prioritising high-risk areas in the supply chain.

The nature of Asckeys’ business and the relationships we have with our clients and suppliers makes our exposure to slavery and human trafficking unlikely. We believe that the recognition of modern slavery and complying with this policy will suffice to educate employees and clients. Should any of these relations change or we seek to build business relationships in sectors that are of a higher risk, Asckey will ensure to readdress this statement and make appropriate adjustments.

Supply Chain

The Transparency in Supply Chains provision in the Modern Slavery Act seeks to address the role of businesses in preventing modern slavery from occurring in their supply chains and organisations. The suppliers Asckey work with rarely fall within the requirements of the Act, however, Asckey will show due diligence when selecting suppliers and sub-contractors. Asckey is committed to ensuring, as far as possible, that suppliers adhere to the same high standards of ethics that we do as a company.

Support Organisations

Victims may avoid eye contact, appear frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers and fear law enforcers for many reasons, such as not knowing who to trust or where to get help, fear of deportation, fear of violence to them or their family. Should any staff, client or supplier have concerns and wish to report an act of modern slavery, they can contact the following organisations:

• Call the police on 101
• Call the slavery helpline 0800 0121 700 or report it online:
• Raise your concerns internally with our HR provider, Peninsula HR.

Further information and guidance:

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