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fmfirst Cleaning

A cloud-based cleaning audits software compliant with the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021. fmfirst Cleaning simplifies and supports the undertaking, reviewing and reporting of audit processes.

Cleaning audits and compliance

Many of our clients begin their journey with us by purchasing fmfirst® Cleaning as this piece of software is configured around the standards required to meet the National Cleaning Standards audit requirements.

The guarantee our software brings around compliance is a huge selling point for teams who are juggling so many demands on their time.

The digital tool simplifies the process of managing the variety of functional areas, schedules, and degrees of risk found in healthcare environments. Users can track the different cleaning frequencies and levels of monitoring and auditing required of each area – all through this one simple to use portal.

The software can also integrate with third-party applications to simplify estates-related remedial actions.

The software is used by NHS Trusts across the country but can often be too complex for those outside the healthcare sector. This is where fmfirst Survey can become a more suitable audit tool for businesses.

Features of our cleaning audit software

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