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SFG20 Integration

Access a library of maintenance task schedules, covering many equipment types and over 2000 individual schedules, SFG20’s unique tool is the definitive standard for planned preventative maintenance.

SFG20 Maintenance Schedules

As part of our commitment to effective asset management, we are also partners of The Building Services Association (BESA). This partnership means we are able to provide a direct link between an asset, BESA’s standard/HTM range of maintenance schedules and the subsequent maintenance activity.

SFG20 is a unique, mobile-enabled, maintenance system that’s essential for anyone who owns or manages facilities. Created for the industry and used by the industry, this web-based software solution can be used throughout the asset lifecycle and can be fully integrated with our fmfirst suite.

Built around the maintenance industry’s standard, SFG20’s solution provides asset maintenance requirements in a simple and easily-digestible format, with a host of specialist tools available to support the application to assets as well as projective cost modelling.

The PPM module within fmfirst® Estates can be pre-populated with both the SFG20 schedules and Asckey can apply any critical SFG20 updates to ensure that schedules are always current.

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