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fmfirst Tasking

This cloud-based task management software provides businesses with a multi discipline, simplified, platform for creation of defect and planned work.

Task Management Made Simple

The primary responsibility of a Facility Manager is to ensure the building/estate always remains a safe and operational place. A substantial amount of time gets spent analysing the issues that can arise. This includes planned and preventative maintenance tasks, asset management, staff training, and other building/estate issues that may occur.

For organisations where a CAFM system may be too comprehensive, our fmfirst® Tasking application enables users to easily create defect and planned work and manage and report on tasks. The application includes a Ward Helpdesk for contractors to update their allocated tasks and upload service records.

Users can track and update jobs when out in the field by downloading the application on their mobile device. The reporting dashboards allow Facility Managers to identify trends in the data and opportunities to improve efficiencies.

fmfirst is a modular software suite of applications that can be used independently, integrated with each other e.g. with our survey software, or integrated with third-party systems, enabling you to build an FM toolkit that meets your needs.

Features of fmfirst Tasking

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