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An Essential Tool for Facilities Management

  • 400+ maintenance schedules covering 60+ equipment types

  • Help you stay compliant to the latest industry standards

  • Lower maintenance, energy & replacement costs

  • Integration with fmfirst® Estates allows for enhanced PPM functionality

  • Schedules are updated automatically

  • Our ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations ensure optimal levels of system quality, data security and compliance management.

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SFG20 has been integrated with our leading CAFM software, fmfirst® Estates, giving organisations increased control over maintenance schedules and costs. fmfirst® Estates module will be pre-populated with both the SFG20 core schedules and the various industry specific ones. Relevant SF20 updates will be applied as released by BESA to ensure that schedules are always current.

With over 400 maintenance schedules covering over 60 equipment types, subscribers can choose the specific schedules they require for the buildings and assets they manage. The SFG20 schedules will give you the optimal maintenance instructions, frequencies and required skillsets for the work required.

This ensures that under and over-maintaining equipment and facilities are kept to a minimum resulting in overall reduced costs for your company as well as ensuring compliance with legislation and industry standards.

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