COVID-19 is creating a lot of uncertainty for organisations. However, we want to reassure our clients that Asckey Data Services will continue to support them with their requirements.

Even before the virus hit the UK, we started introducing the provision for staff to work from home. This was to support our work-life balance and to help lower our carbon footprint as a business.

Asckey has the facilities to work remotely meaning we can continue to connect seamlessly with each other and our clients. Should the country go into lockdown, we’ll be able to continue offering software and hosting support to all our clients.

We understand that our clients time and energies may be placed elsewhere to support the needs of the business or they may be self-isolating and working from home. To support this change in priorities, we will be delaying any non-urgent software updates. This is because these tend to require time from the client and their teams to test the updated functions.

As well as delaying non-urgent software updates, in line with Government recommendations of how to respond to COVID-19, we’re delaying physical meetings. This will result in site visits and training being held later in the year unless otherwise agreed. Our staff wellbeing and the wellbeing of our clients is of great importance which is why we’re putting these measures in place.

Please continue to contact Asckey by email or on 01480 469001. Alternatively, you can complete our contact us form.