We thought it would be helpful to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive about our products/services:

What audit software do you have for monitoring NHS cleaning standards?

Our fmfirst® Cleaning software is designed to operate in accordance with the latest NHS cleaning standards. In addition, its functionality helps to support the current Care Quality Commission guidelines and Standards for Better Health core standards compliance.

How does the audit part of your cleaning software work – does it create the re-audit automatically when due, and retain the information separately as a re-audit score rather than an audit score?

The system automatically generates a re-audit for items that fail in a room when a room score falls below the re-audit percentage you set. You can also configure the system so re-audits go to a specific staff member automatically.

Our catering department currently uses a paper and spreadsheet system for our auditing. Do you have a cloud-based system that can help?

Our fmfirst® Survey software provides the flexibility to carry out multiple audit/surveys from one platform. It provides optional DIY survey creation, completion and validation with variable question-sets available including complex conditional questions.

What system requirements do our IT team need to run your software on our site Wi-Fi?

All the IT need to do is provide the mobile devices you want the software to be run on. They also need to arrange connectivity to the Trust Wi-Fi tolink the devices to the database in our datacentre. We’d recommend Android devices, if possible, over Apple as we are able to package the application for Android.