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Cleaning audits are not just for the NHS

Cleaning audits are an essential part of any organisation. They are a way to deomstrate a clean and safe environment for employees and customers.

Since the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021 were released, cleaning audit software has become the go-to tool to complete cleaning audits. The software enables healthcare environments to measure their performance uniformly and benchmark themselves against other settings.

A software option for cleaning audits enables facilities managers to demonstrate how and to what standard their environments are being cleaned. However, the NHS are not the only ones who can benefit from cleaning audit software. Cleaning companies and janitorial staff across different industries use some form of cleaning audit checklist to demonstrate that cleaning compliance standards are met.

A cleaning audit checklist is essentially a survey. There are many software providers out there that provide digital survey solutions. There are self-service online options where you can create the surveys/checklists yourself. However, these options can result in a resource issue. The online/self-service survey options take time to build and don’t always provide you with the analytic tools required.

It’s important to review and assess your requirements, as there could be other processes that can be digitised for effectiveness.

Investing in a company to build the right application for you, with built-in templates, can be better value for money than buying an off-the-shelf application. Some companies have off-the-shelf packages, others provide a more tailored service, but be careful of the hidden extras. An off-the-shelf (SaaS) option may seem the cheaper deal, but if you need to make amends or add extra information, then there can be additional costs that make it more expensive than first thought.

Asckey audit tools

Asckey has two cleaning audit tools available. The first one is fmfirst Cleaning, designed to meet the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021. The application provides various audit reports, real-time dashboards, cleanliness star rating posters, scheduled audits, and much more.

The second application is fmfirst Survey, the perfect solution for a more generic audit tool. It has the flexibility to grow with your business and has the functionality to create various survey templates. The application collates and analyses the results and provides a one-stop-shop platform for all the data. It is also suitable for efficacy audits that measure how you clean, as opposed to what you clean and how frequently.

Contact us today to discuss your auditing requirements and see how our applications can help you be more effective, efficient, and compliant.



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