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Meet the team feature… Andy Roden

Andy joined the team in 2006 following an extensive career working in the NHS.

As well as being a software developer, Andy brings a wealth of experience of the NHS with him. Prior to joining Asckey, Andy worked as a Technical Officer for the Healthcare Facilities Consortium for 4 years.

For the 12 years preceding that role, Andy was a Business Services Manager for The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, as it’s now known.

Here, Andy shares a bit more about his experience.

Andy Roden on holiday

What is your role at Asckey?

I am the main developer of our fmfirst Estates application while working on other projects too.

What made you go into software development?

I have been writing software since leaving school many years ago. I love to be able to create applications and solve problems.

I like being able to focus on developing one application to be the best it can be. I enjoy working with our clients to solve any problems that may pop up and finding new ways to develop the application.

What do you like to do away from work?

Outside of work, when I had the time, I would have gone flying but I don’t have much time for that sort of thing as my time is spent on family and the grandchildren.  Since working at Asckey, I have relocated to Cambridgeshire from the Midlands but still spend much time on the home turf.

Where has been your best holiday destination?

I don’t have a particular destination other than somewhere nice and warm where the locals are friendly.  I have been going to Spain for a few years now but have also started going to Corfu.  When I have been on holiday for a few days in the sun, I tend to get mistaken for a local with the tan.

Are you a tea or coffee person?

The first drink of the day has to be black coffee.  After that, I will happily drink either tea or coffee.



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