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Meet the team feature…Guillaume Van de Sype

Meet Guillaume, who has been a member of our development team since early 2022.

Guillaume, fondly referred to as G in the office, joined the team to support the development of our cloud applications. His previous experience includes being a Junior Consultant for Innova-tsn and a Support Engineer for Darktrace, a cyber security and networking company.

Find out more about Guillaume below.

What is your role at Asckey?

As a junior software developer, I assist with developing new features for Asckey’s fmfirst Cloud product, working primarily with Frances.

What made you go into your current career path?

My childhood interest in computers led me to study for a degree in Computing, during which I found a more specific interest in software development and building applications. Since then, I have delved deeper into this field. I have also played around with microcontrollers and low-level systems.

What do you like to do away from work?

Away from work, you can either find me in the garden, travelling, hiking, or playing video games. It depends on what captivates me at the time.

The best thing about being part of the Asckey team?

The team at Asckey are very welcoming and kind when you are starting out. There’s always someone happy to assist with sharing knowledge and tackling challenges.  

Who is your favourite sports team?

I don’t follow physical sports as much, but I do casually follow Formula One.

Where has been your best holiday destination?

It’s hard to choose really! I recently went to Venice, and I have not seen any place like it. Walking around the alleyways made this such an adventure as you never really knew where you would end up. It can be quite busy though, but we found time to visit some of the more tranquil local islands nearby!

Are you a tea or coffee person?

Until recently I have always been a coffee person but I have started switching things up a little, so I’d say I happily drink either.



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