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How CAFM software can benefit your business

It hasn’t been easy for organisations involved in managing estates or someone else’s estates to keep up with the evolution of facilities management.

There was a time when facility management operations would all have a paper-based reporting system. Tasks would be raised on paper, reported on paper and then collated to provide some kind of report. As technology moved on, some businesses turned to software solutions but often resulted in different pieces of software to complete different functions e.g. one for raising tasks and another for performance data.

Today there are still businesses with multiple platforms to perform different functions. Some are still paper-based with regards to task management but input their results into a computer to produce the reports. However, this is where investing in CAFM software can make a really big difference to your business. The right software can streamline your processes and become a one-stop-application-shop supporting a more efficient way of working.

Making work simpler

Ultimately your CAFM software should make your job easier. It’s recently become a must-have for any business looking to improve their processes and productivity. The software enables businesses to easily manage multiple assets, holding administrative and financial information, and location and maintenance details for all site assets. So it’s important to invest in a CAFM software solution that can grow with your business.

“The fmfirst® Estates application allows us to track labour costs helping us manage budgets. It also helps us produce accurate costings for not just NHS Trust projects but for our commercial ventures as well.”

Simply Serve Ltd

In the past, some facility management departments have found it difficult to demonstrate their true value and output. A CAFM software system solves this. It can generate reports reflecting key performance indicators, productivity levels and can produce financial reports reflecting the department’s output. With departments becoming more interconnected, a CAFM system increases awareness of facilities management operations and their value to a business.

With remote working also being an important element of facility management operations, CAFM software needs to be accessible on the move. This function needs to be a mandate of the software to make it easier for staff to access, manage and report on tasks whilst out on location.

“The use of PDAs means that tradesmen don’t have to return to the department in order to log on and off jobs, saving us both time and money”

East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Trust

What makes Asckey’s CAFM software solution stand out?

The answer – it’s not just the software that stands out, it’s the Asckey service.

There are many CAFM software solutions on the market, all with the same functionality such as having a helpdesk, planning modules and being mobile-friendly. However, what Asckey pride themselves on is always keeping the client in mind. This was the drive behind becoming ISO9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO27001:2013 (Information Management Security) accredited as we know quality and data security are important to our clients.

Our customer-centric approach to the development of our applications is what makes it so easy to use. We ensure that each step follows a logical approach that makes it easier to navigate compared to other CAFM software.

“The fmfirst® Estates application has easy to use features enabling us to log service activities against assets giving us information on the state of the asset.”

Simply Serve Ltd

We pride ourselves on our support services too. Our in-house developers are experts in their field and our support function are quick to respond to any clients’ enquiries. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received:

“Any issues we have raised are dealt with promptly and professionally.”

“Asckey have always been very supportive and particularly quick to respond to and rectify any issues that arise.”

“Asckey’s support service is second to none”

We are a small company but that means we can offer a more personalised service. We appreciate that specifying and purchasing a CAFM software system can be a time-consuming and confusing process. This is why we offer a Free of Charge system review to help you assess your current and future requirements, and see what benefits our CAFM software solution, fmfirst® Estates, can bring to your business.

Interested? Then please get in touch.



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